Take Control of your Internet Usage…

With an ever increasing dependency and demand for bandwidth on your internet connection from a wide variety of wired and wireless devices, the risk of viruses resulting in sustained downtime, data breaches, fraud or even data loss, has never been greater and one of the most challenging issues businesses face today.

The huge demand for cloud-based services, which show no sign of slowing down, means your internet connection has now become a critical component and so too is the management of it. The ability to protect bandwidth, secure your network, have greater visibility of usage and ensure internet policies are enforced is considered to be a necessity for most businesses already but, in addition, more and more industry regulators are insisting these technologies and policies are implemented.

Lloyds-IP are a Cyber Essentials accredited company and view network security as one of the most important elements in designing any of our solutions. We have several “best of breed” options from various security vendors, which range from standard web filtering services up to specialised Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices providing the industry’s latest and greatest security solutions to minimize the majority of cyber threats.

We will guide you through the options, working with our partners, to ensure we provide as much protection and peace-of-mind as possible.