Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Anywhere working? You got it..

Microsoft’s RDS is the technology we use to move away from the traditional PC-Server model where applications are installed on every PC or laptop which connects to a server hosting the files or database. This model is called a “Thin Client” environment where applications are installed on the RDS server and only screen updates and Mouse\Keyboard input is sent to the RDS server. No data is stored on the client device which could be a PC, laptop, smartphone or more commonly a WYSE device.

This technology has real clients benefits such as:


  • Same user experience from in the office or at home or anywhere connected to the internet
  • Quickly replace end-user devices if there is a problem with zero configuration
  • Rapid log-in times and better user experience compared to traditional PCs and laptops
  • Save time and money without having to fix PC and laptop application issues
  • Extend the lifetime of PCs and Laptops as they become “dumb terminals”