Hosted Desktop

Hardware…? Don’t let the past Cloud your judgment.

Lloyds-IP provide end-users their own personalised Windows desktop running applications such as Office 2013, Chrome, Adobe, Sage Accounts and many more as a hosted service. The Hosted Desktops are located in our Datacentres and can be accessed anytime from anywhere on the internet and on any device such as a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
This solution is fast and secure with only screen updates, mouse and keyboard activity being sent across the internet means that even a user working on a 3G / 4G mobile connection can have an excellent experience.

This technology has many benefits such as:

  • All of your files and other data being stored on our servers, if you lose your device you don’t have to worry about losing your data.
  • Quickly replace end-user devices if there is a problem with zero configuration
  • A monthly cost based on the amount of user’s and storage space means that you only pay for what you need and can scale up very easily.
  • Save money and time without having to fix PC and laptop application issues
  • Extend the lifetime of PCs and Laptops as they become “dumb terminals”

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