Contact Centre Solutions

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Providing the link between the two most of your most powerful business tools, the computer and the telephone, our Contact Centre solutions provide real business benefit. The visibility of what’s happening within your organisation is invaluable and invariably a true Return on Investment (ROI) is realised within a short period of time.

Real-time Call Statistics / Team KPI’s

Provides the ability to maximise staff productivity levels via KPI’s and optimise customer service.

Database Integration (Screen-popping / PC dialling)

Save time and automate business processes, get more for less leading to a better service.

Intelligent Call Routing via geography, skill-set or phone number

Ensure calls are dealt with by the right person first time to improve service levels and maximise client account potential.

Multimedia | Email Integration

We can handle emails in the same was as phone calls. We can queue emails to particular operatives / groups and provide real time statistics on the number of emails being received, handled etc

The suite of products we offer are fully modular solutions which allows you to add additional product functionality in line with the needs of your business

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