Business Continuity

Don’t panic… you can rely on us.

At Lloyds IP, we can build Business Continuity Solutions to cater for disruptions and disasters so that your organisation can continue to operate if various systems fail.

There has been huge growth in the awareness of Business Continuity in the SME marketplace in recent years. Once a strategy deployed only by multinational conglomerates, the advance in technologies such as Virtualisation and the reduction in cost, has made Business Continuity a realistic solution for many verticals.

Governing bodies across a wide range of industries are now insisting companies adhere to Business Continuity policies so they are in a position to cope with a disaster. An example of this would be deploying an on premise Voice solution which is clustered to a secondary device in another location such as or our datacentre. If anything happened to the primary device, all phones would immediately fail-over to the secondary device assuming the network and internet service was unaffected.

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