Is the ‘Cloud’ right for your business…?

All we hear is ‘Cloud this..’ ‘Cloud that..’

Unquestionably, the marketing of Cloud Services has gained momentum in recent years it is almost ubiquitous but what does it really mean for you and for your organisation?

Hosted (or Cloud) services are essentially services that do not require any local (or on premise) hardware and / or software with all data being stored outside of the organisation by the hosted services provider.

Given there is little or no up-front costs for hardware and software, hosted services are typically charged on a ‘per user per month’ subscription basis and have the benefits of greater flexibility to scale up or down as your business changes and faster deployment times.

At Lloyds IP, we are a Cloud Service Provider that takes a consultative, evolutionary approach to design and delivering our customer’s vision. We understand your requirements and how best to use the available technology to drive your business forward.

Whether there is the need for a full Cloud Solution, On Premise Solution or Hybrid Solution, Lloyds-IP are on hand to guide you, backed by the best products and vendors from around the globe.

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